Get a taste of the real world.

At Cresta, we hold a firm belief that students require to learn from hardcore observation
and experience of the real world. Which is why we have designed a mode of experiential
learning to help them shine as soon as they step out of the campus.



Each course delves deep into the fundamentals of business, finance, and commerce to give students a firm foundation before they step into further studies in the field.


Covering an exceptional range of topics in Indian and international history, the syllabus is designed to arouse curiosity and interest in the minds of the students. Modules included are: the story of human evolution, ancient civilisation, establishment of Greek and Roman empires, the rise and spread of Christianity and Islam, the medieval period, the modern age, world revolution, Napoleon and the rise of nationalism, world wars and international organisations, the contemporary world, the nonaligned movement and the emergence of the third world.