Get a taste of the real world.

At Cresta, we hold a firm belief that students require to learn from hardcore observation
and experience of the real world. Which is why we have designed a mode of experiential
learning to help them shine as soon as they step out of the campus.

Centre for Family Business Management

This programme introduces students to the basic concepts of business and further builds up their knowledge in operating a successful family business.


  • Financial Accounting
  • Mathematics for Business
  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Managing Intrapreneurship Ventures
  • Marketing Management
  • Competitive Strategy and Management of Family Business Portfolios
  • Understanding Family Businesses and the Paradoxes Involved
  • Professionalisation of Family Businesses
  • Building Lasting Family Businesses - Synergy in Vision, Values and Strategy
  • Excellence in Family Businesses - Corporate and Family Governance



Centre for Entrepreneurship

Right from the kind of questions every budding entrepreneur should have to preparing a plan for the business and running it innovatively, this course takes students through the entire process.


  •  Entrepreneurship: Overview and Opportunity Recognition
  • Starting the Venture
  • Business Planning Process
  • Sources of Finance
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Institutions Supporting Entrepreneurs
  • Startups
  • Family Businesses
  • International Entrepreneurship Opportunities



Centre for Professional Courses

The course aims to help students understand financial and cost management, learn about the Companies Act (2013), acquire decision making skills and learn commercial and economic laws.



  • Fundamentals of Accounting
  • Mercantile Laws
  • General Economics
  • Quantitative Aptitude


CS Foundation

  • Business Environment and Entrepreneurship
  • Business Management, Ethics and Communication
  • Business Economics and Statistics
  • Fundamentals of Accounting and Auditing


CMA Foundation


  • Fundamentals of Economics and Management
  • Fundamentals of Accounting
  • Fundamentals of Laws and Ethics
  • Fundamentals of Business Mathematics and Statistics



The CAT and GMAT preparatory courses ensure that students who are aspiring to pursue an MBA are equipped with the right skills, knowledge and techniques to ace the test.

Centre for Finance & Industry Integration

This prepares students to become certified investment advisors. It helps them understand the structure and performance of the securities market as well as the risks and securities of various kinds of investments.


  • Introduction to the Indian Financial Market
  • Securities Market Segments
  • Mutual Funds
  • Investment Products
  • Managing Investment Risk
  • Managing Investment Returns
  • Financial Planning
  • Asset Allocation and Investment Strategies
  • Insurance Planning
  • Tax and Estate Planning
  • Regulatory Environment and Ethical Issues
  • Understanding Securities and Market Performance
  • External Industry Resources
  • Internship Opportunities